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Introducing  SURURU Pillow P17 

A Bed On Your Bed!


The SURURU Pillow P17 features a unique 4 vertical layer (Clima Self Control Zone pockets, Air Mesh Pad, Memory Foam, Cooling Gel), along with 12 soft pockets and 1 C-curve neck support latex. 

POCKET 1 Clima Self Control Zone

Open-cell construction for sweat and heat dissipation, breathability, comfort, and prevention of ticks

POCKET 2 Air Mesh Pad

Adjustable 1-3 cm height pad with airflow

POCKET 3 High-Density Memory Foam

Uniform dispersion & high resilience to heat and pressure

POCKET 4 Cooling Gel with Air Holes

Cooling gel attachment regulate rising body temperature during sleep

POCKET 5, 6, 7, 8  Head Support Zone

Soft type filling supports the head load and distributes body pressure evenly, making it comfortable for any position

POCKET 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16  Side Support Zone

When sleeping on the side, the hard-type filler firmly 
supports the head to maintain the alignment of the spine without shoulder pressure (prevents ear pressure)

POCKET 17  C-Curve Neck Support Latex Foam

Firm support from the shoulder to the cervical spine relaxes tense muscles through a comfortable angle. Promotes stable breathing and prevents neck wrinkles.

Breathable Clima Self Control

With an open-cell structure, it releases sweat and heat, creating a personalized breathable pillow for ventilation, comfort.

Hybrid Pillow

With a unique combination of a supportive soft zone and an innovative cooling zone, it caters to diverse sleep needs, ensuring comfort and restfulness throughout the night. Embrace the perfect balance of softness and coolness in a single pillow. 


Soft Zone


Evenly distribute pressure based on your weight and body type

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Cooling Zone


Optimal breathability for a more comfortable night's sleep

Pillow That Fits You Perfectly

Unique 17
Pocket Structure

13 Horizontal Pockets + 4 Vertical Pockets to distributes head / neck / shoulder loads while sleeping.


C-Curve Neck

Support Latex Foam

Provides support from the shoulders to the cervical spine to relieve tense muscles at a comfortable angle.


Memory Foam

Great ability to restore shape even after long use and evenly distribute pressure according to weight and shape.

Height Adjustable Mesh Pad

Adjustable sleep height according to individual body shapes.

Cooling Gel

Maintains a balanced temperature and humidity to help prevent disruptions in sleep.

AllerClean Fabric

Dust and other pollutants are completely blocked, providing a 99.9% dust mite-resistant fabric

Easy Maintenance

Latex and memory foam are easily removable, while the washable cover ensures easy, hygienic maintenance.






Product Name

SURURU Pillow P17


15.75” x 27.56” x h. 3.94” (40 x 70 x h. 10cm)





Neck & Shoulder

Reverse Side

Mesh Pad

100% Polyester

83% Latex, 17% Additive Agent

Memory Foam (Polyurethane)

100% Polyester

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